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Some astonishing facts about Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

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Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, polpularly known as Baba Saheb is considered the chief architect of the constitution of India. He was a jurist, economist, politician and social reformer who inspired the Dalit Buddhist Movement and campaigned against social discrimination against Untouchables (Dalits). He was a staunch supporter of women and labour rights.  Born as the 14th and last child in a Mahar(dalit) family in Mhow MP, he is known as a men of iron will and splendid intellect. He is the guiding figure for India's equality movement and an inspiration to the people. Following are some less known facts about him.

1. His ancestors have long been in employment of British East India company's army and his father was posted in Mhow cantonment.

2. Ambedkar's original name was actually Ambavadekar (on their hometown Ambavadi). But his teacher, Mahadev Ambedkar, who was fond of him, changed his surname from 'Ambavadekar' to his own surname 'Ambedkar' in school records.

3. He worked as principal of Government Law college of Bombay for 2 years.

4. He was an avid opposer to article 370 granting special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

5. He was the first Indian to pursue PhD in Economics abroad.

6. He is the only Indian to have his portrait with Karl Marks in the Museum of London

7. He is also credited for the placement of Ashok Chakra in Indian flag.

8. He was also a member of Viceroy’s Executive Council and is credited to move towards worker friendly 8 hour work day in place of old 12-14 hour schedules.

9. He is also credited for introducing many Women and Labour friendly laws such as Maternity Benefit for women Labor, Women Labor welfare fund, Women and Child, Labor Protection Act.

10. Indian Economist and Noble Laureate Amratya Sen, said that "Ambedkar father of my economics".

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