What are the programmes offered by aS aM I?

aS aM I currently offers the following programmes:
1. Evening Programme:
  • Junior Group: For classes KGI to 2nd
  • Senior Group: For classes 3rd to 7th
2. Readers’ club: Open for all kids and parents

3. Movie Club: Open for all kids and parents

Programmes that will begin from the session 2017-18 are:
  • Studio of Visual Arts: For class 6th onwards
  • Preschool: For classes Playgroup and Nursery
  • Studio of Musical Intelligence: For class 6th onwards

Why should I choose aS aM I for my child?

aS aM I aims to help children identify who they really are, what talents do they possess and how can they utilize their talents. Starting with the basics, we help the child explore a wide range of domains thus making an extraordinary impact on the development of the child.

What is the Multiple Intelligence curriculum?

Multiple Intelligence curriculum is the one which covers all possible domains of life. AS AM I gives the children an exposure to all the 8 kinds of intelligences through which the they get to explore various fields which is not the case in today’s education system. Thus, the children get a fair idea about the various options that are present in today’s world.

What is the 3 Cs approach?

At aS aM I, we follow the 3 Cs approach. Critical thinking, Creativity and curiosity when combined together, improves the quality of children's thinking, generating creative solutions to a particular problem and amplifying their desire to learn more.

What are the age criteria for aS aM I programmes?

1. Evening Programme:
  • Junior Group: 4-7 years
  • Senior Group: 8-12 years
2. Readers’ club: Age no bar

3. Movie Club: Age no bar

4. Preschool: For classes 1.5-2.5 years

5. Studio of Visual Arts: 10 years and above

6. Studio of Musical Intelligence: 10 years and above

What is the admission process at aS aM I?

The admission form can be downloaded from the website or can be obtained from any of the aS aM I centres free of cost. The filled form then has to be submitted at the aS aM I centre along with the fee for the first installment.

Can I admit my child at aS aM I in the middle of the session?

Yes, the child can get admission at aS aM I at any point of the year with an adjusted fee structure**************

Can I opt for monthly programme instead of yearly programme?

Monthly programme is available but can only be opted for a month. Post which, the child has to enroll in the regular programme to continue at aS aM I.

What is the fee structure for aS aM I?

For the detailed fee structure, kindly visit the contact us section.

Is there any provision for sibling discount at aS aM I?

Yes, 10% sibling discount can be obtained on the annual tution fee of all the siblings.

Can my child opt only for a particular activity at aS aM I?

For the children in the age group of 4-12 years, we recommend that the children undergo the Multiple Intelligence programme before choosing a specific field. However, these children can get admission in the specific programmes (Music/Visual Arts) depending upon the case.

Will joining aS aM I affect the school performance of my child?

aS aM I programme will have several positive effects on the child including an increase in concentration, confidence, creativity, critical thinking and curiosity. Thus, ultimately leading to an improvement in the school performance.

What if my child is under-age or over-age for any particular programme?

Under-age or Over-age children may get admission in any programme depending upon the case.

What are the aS aM I operating hours?

The class timings are specific to the individual campuses. However, aS aM I authorities and instructors can be contacted between 11:00 am to 7:00 pm at any campus on any working day. Prior appointments would be appreciated.

When does the session commence at aS aM I?

Session for evening activities starts from July 1st week and continues till middle of February. While the preschool session will commence from July and continue till March.
Summer camp will run from middle of April to middle of June.

My child is particularly bright in a specific field. What can aS aM I offer her/him?

Upto 12 years, we prefer that the child gets an exposure of diverse fields. This will allow the child to identify his potential in diverse fields instead of one particular field. After 12 years, child can get specialised training in a particular field.
However, a child below 12 years can still get admission in specialised programme depending upon the case.

Does aS aM I offer conveyance facility?

Yes, aS aM I offers conveyance facility on a separate monthly charge.

Isn’t my child too young to attend aS aM I programme?

The initial years of a child’s life are the most crucial as that is when the circuits of the brain develop. 95% percent of the brain gets developed by the age of 5 years. After that the children have the choice to explore various options until the age of 12 years, post which they are burdened with academic or other loads. Therefore, earlier the child joins, more will be the benefit.

The evening programme starts for age 4 onwards and is designed as per the age group.

The preschool programme is meant for age group 1.5-3.5 years.

Will attending aS aM I classes affect the play hours of my child?

Playing outdoor games is very crucial for children at this age, and we at AS AM I understand this fact. Physical activities are an important part of AS AM I curriculum and are conducted on a very frequent basis. The children get sufficient time to explore their bodily strengths at AS AM I.

How much time will be sufficient to get a proper observation of my child?

The interests of the child are very fluctuating, specially at an early age. Also, the interest is dependent on several factors like the child’s bonding with the instructor of a particular field, interest of the child’s peers, motivation by the elders in a particular field etc. However, the natural talent of the child is not dependent upon these external factors. Therefore, we recommend an observation of at least 3 years for the children of younger age, and observation of at least 2 years for the children of senior group. The observation obtained after this would be free of all kinds of biases.

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